Hala Jawad, Chair of our MORPh Training Guildford Events, Runs for the English Pharmacy Board

Hala Jawad, Chair of our Guildford Events here at MORPh Training, and Dajani Sultan are running for Election in the RPS National Pharmacy Board Elections 2018. We had the pleasure of speaking to Hala about why she has nominated herself for this role, and the impact she can have in the future.

“A single voice alone can’t change very much but a strong team can make decisions and make the RPS stronger internally and externally. That’s why we are running as candidates in the forthcoming Royal Pharmaceutical Society English Pharmacy Board and hope we can count on your support when the voting starts 30th April 2018.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is a magnet for pharmacists who care and it’s unique because it’s the only body representing the whole profession, making it diverse and having to vigorously meet all of its members’ differing expectations, aims and aspirations! This is clearly a marathon rather than a sprint and our we hope further details in our statements for election and letters in the Pharmaceutical Journal, will show you we have a good handle on the profession.

If elected we will:

– Ensure the RPS Leads, Unites and Develops the profession by strengthening links, formulating strategy and increasing collaborative work with all the other national pharmacy organisations. So that we have a professional body that provides a place for all in pharmacy – from generalist to specialist to advanced practitioner across all sectors; that promotes us widely to the public and effectively at the highest levels of influence.

– Organise a national members debating forum at our annual conference, with motions originating from LPFs. Not only will this invigorate the conference it will ensure the RPS and its vision, mission, direction and policies are relevant.

– Incentivise members to make more use of the RPS London flagship building by making it cost effective for networking events, meetings, hot meals and hold functions. This will encourage more engagement, discussion and more meetings around specialist Interest Groups with pharmacy at the core.

– Make our community pharmacy voice heard because no matter how clever or evidence-based the analysis, we still have poor commissioning, NHS institutional cynicism and a lack of professional recognition. Your vote will help us to have a stronger voice to also support other Lead organisations in opposing remote supervision, drastic funding cuts way beyond austerity measures, woeful distribution of funds and the cynical reduction of the opening hours of 24-hr pharmacies. We must protect the network for our patients and taxpayers who rely heavily on us for self-care, screening, public health, pharmaceutical care and medicines optimisation.

– Argue for funded Protected Learning Time as part of a collaborative Workforce Strategy to up-skill workforce development and reduce workplace stress. The suite of services would evolve and include revalidation tools, ensuring GP based pharmacists collaborate with local pharmacies, provide individual support (eg. around mentoring, developing local leadership skills) and reducing abuse and violence against pharmacy teams to make safer environments. Furthermore, I have argued strongly that Workforce Development is the backbone of the future for a healthy profession and we cannot waste another minute as it will help us cope with ever increasing pharmaceutical care complexity and new regulations.

Teams are better at consistently connecting the dots between big-picture strategy and frontline reality and with your support we will make the RPS a dynamic Professional Leadership Body we can all be proud of.”

From everyone here at MORPh Training, we wish Hala and Sultan the very best of luck with the election. 

Voting is now open and all members and fellows eligible to vote will have been sent their unique voter code via email. For more information, please visit the Royal Pharmaceutical Society website here. Don’t forget, you only have until the 18th May 2018 to get your votes in!

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