Market Access

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Market access starts with understanding the potential interaction between a specific product and a specific healthcare environment. This intelligence facilitates the refinement of value propositions which are delivered in a language and format tailored to the recipient to maximise the likelihood of a positive decision. We have developed a context focused approach which has the following components:

Market and environmental analysis

– a country specific assessment of the payer and provider landscape, including policy, practice and technology drivers relevant to your product; a review of the key decision making and advisory bodies and stakeholders at national, regional and local level, and a ‘context’ specific consideration of customer needs.

Value proposition refinement

– identification, alignment and testing of value propositions to suit the context of customer decision making. The contexts include ‘the 5 Ps’:

  • Product – classic positioning against current choices and competitors
  • Patient – alignment to the clinical consultation and patient choice
  • Pathway – considers the values relevant to clinical pathways and service redesign
  • Programme – the impact on the total costs and outcomes of the therapy area
  • Population – a focus on population health using parameters such as disease incidence and prevalence, mortality and health related quality of life.

Outcomes and currencies 

– value propositions are quantified and expressed using outcomes and ‘currencies’ which are most acceptable to the context and stakeholder. For example, NNTs are used instead of RRR in the ‘product’ context, ‘year of care’ costs are used instead of annual acquisition costs in the ‘pathway’ context.

Messages and materials 

– key messages and supporting information are produced in the most acceptable media for customers.

Engagement tactics 

– formulation of a plan which aligns the message to the organisation, forum or individual stakeholder, using market segmentation to ensure the best chance of successful market entry and penetration.

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