Free Radical Network



The Free Radical Network has been developed to allow the NHS to take advantage of lower prices in primary care, by using economies of scale and removing high costs of administration and management.

Primary Care Rebate Scheme (PCRS)

The Primary Care Rebate Scheme (PCRS) are contractual agreements initiated by pharmaceutical companies, directly or via third p[arties, and an NHS legal entity which offer financial rebates on particular branded medicines.

A prescriber’s first responsibility is to act in a patient’s best interests. Financial considerations come second. PCRS agreed at a statutory level, not agreed at GP practice level.

The growing importance of PCRS

CCGs and primary care continue to be under financial pressure with programmes in place to improve productivity and prescribing budgets. We are the only UK agency that offers contract development, governance intelligence, transaction management, analytical expertise and e- safe capability (via a web-based platform) making rebates easier to negotiate, administer and manage.

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