Congratulations to Duncan Jenkins

Our managing director and clinical lead, Dr Duncan Jenkins has appointed as a Fellow of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society! Being appointed is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon Society Members. It recognizes the distinction Members have attained in a particular aspect or aspects of their pharmacy career.

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Primary Care Role in the Managing of Patients with Cancer

Primary care plays a key role in the safe and effective provision of medicines to patients with cancer, including shared care prescribing and administration of treatments for breast and prostate cancer, medicines for long term prevention of relapse in breast cancer, and safe and effective provision of medicines at end of life. MORPh Training [...]

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MORPh Training release more Dermatology Masterclass dates following the success of their launch in 2018

During the latter stages of 2018, MORPh Training’s clinical team spent time researching the increase in demand of Primary Care Pharmacists in Dermatology and carefully designing Masterclasses to complement this. “During each of our study days, pharmacists are asked if there are any therapy areas they would like us to cover in the future” explained [...]

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Summer with MORPh

While the whole of the United Kingdom were enjoying the hottest summer since 1976, and England thought it was most definitely coming home this year, MORPh were out at 10 locations across the UK training over 375 pharmacists! So we’ve created a short video to let you know what you might have missed. Following [...]

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Offa’s Dyke Path

Have you ever thought how long it takes to complete the Offa’s Dyke Path? Some people 10 days, others say 2 weeks. The National Trails website even states they’ve heard rumours the 177-mile course can be completed in just 4 days… It turns out the rumours are true, and the people to tell the tale [...]

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This week is Diabetes week! We managed to catch up with MORPh Director and Clinical Lead, Dr Duncan Jenkins for his view on the contribution Pharmacists have in the management of Diabetes. "Pharmacists have a huge contribution to make in the management of Diabetes. As well as offering advice on the practical aspects of medicines [...]

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Dr Duncan Jenkins Completes Race to the Tower in an Impressive Time!

While many were relaxing in the glorious weather the weekend gave us, our Director and Clinical Lead Dr Duncan Jenkins was off again, this time running in Race to the Tower! Race To The Towers is a double Marathon starting in Gloucester and finishing in Worcester at the Broadway Tower. Along the way, Duncan saw [...]

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Hala Jawad, Chair of our MORPh Training Guildford Events, Runs for the English Pharmacy Board

Hala Jawad, Chair of our Guildford Events here at MORPh Training, and Dajani Sultan are running for Election in the RPS National Pharmacy Board Elections 2018. We had the pleasure of speaking to Hala about why she has nominated herself for this role, and the impact she can have in the future. "A single voice [...]

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Dr Duncan Jenkins Leads the Way on his Newest Embarkment – Runners Wanted!

MORPh Consultancy’s Managing Director, Dr Duncan Jenkins, is taking part in his biggest adventure this year. Along with friend Jim and supported by Andrew, the three are organising  a run up Offa’s Dyke Path to raise money to build schools in Cameroon. The run is planned  between the 28th June at the 1st July 2018. [...]

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Fantastic turn out at our Managing Anticoagulation Training Day in Preston!

With our 2018 Calendar fully underway, we travelled to Preston on Friday 16th March for the first time to hold our Managing Anticoagulation Training Day. With a full turn out, Primary Care and GP Practice Pharmacists from across the country gathered at the MacDonald Tickled Trout Hotel greeted with coffee before settling in the well-equipped [...]

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